Saturday, September 27, 2008

Addison at 10 months

Dearest Addison,

Hello my beautiful little girl! Today you are now 10 months old. Only 2 more months to go to reach your one year milestone. You are a wonderful little girl coming into your own and developing such a sweet demeanor about you. Looking back at these 10 months it amazes me how much you've grown. You've developed a great sense of humor and seem to get a great laugh out of throwing your toys out of your crib for me to toss back in. On my days off that we spend together, I've found myself completely exhausted from chasing you around the house. You have a knack of finding pieces of whatever and sticking them in your mouth even after I have just vacuumed... we're getting some serious mileage out of that thing since you started crawling. =) Your mommy and I have recently begun developing our strategy for "Addi-proofing" the house. It's not as easy as getting child proof locks and adding padding to sharp corners... oh no... you're much too smart for these things to get in the way of you headbutting the entertainment center or sticking you chubby little fingers in the wall sockets, what we need to do is line the entire apartment with padding, remove all electrical outlets and patching the holes they once occupied and consolidate all electronics or anything requiring power to a single room with a a deadbolt, combination lock, and timed entry. I think then you'll be safe from the dangers of home life. =) or we can do it the easy way and just buy one those kiddie fences and corral you in your play area...

Your mommy bought you your very first halloween costume this past week, we got you to try it on the other day and your mommy got some really cute smiles out of you...

Seriously sweetie, could you be any cuter???

So we decided last week to try on the absolutely adorable Converse Chuck Taylor's your Uncle Jarrel gave to you as a baptism present... I think they match your look completely.

With winter coming, Mommy decided it was time to try on your winter clothes that she has been "investing" in all summer.  You seemed to enjoy this hat. 

Like I was saying earlier, you've really come into your own.  I get all goofy teary eyed watching your personality develop, and from the looks of things you are a RIOT!  Always laughing, always smiling, always so very very sweet.  God has definitely blessed us with an angel and I am so very honored to be your Daddy.  Happy 10 months Addison, we love you dearly!

Loving you always,
Daddy and Mommy


  1. oh sa-nap! new website!! way to go audrey ;) love it my friends!!! now for bigger pics on the blog and you're money!!!
    i cannot even get over how flippin cute addison is in that costume!!! she is such an incredible little girl guys, you're all so blessed!
    thanks for your support last week also. you guys rule!!

  2. Teeth! Addi has teeth! AHHH! Why do you guys have to live so far away :( LOL, Noah misses his sweetheart.


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