Thursday, April 30, 2009

Addison at 17 months

Dearest Addison,
Last monday marked your 17th month with us.  More and more your mommy and I are seeing how your personality is growing into a reflection of the best in both of us.  You've got your daddy's sense of humor and your mommy's meticulous attention to detail.  I think you might just grow up to become the worlds first stand-up comedienne with a PhD.  I find the simplest delight in your laughter and the just as delicious *evil eye* you give me when I do something you didn't find funny (you got that from your mom).  It's so amusing when I see you pick something off the ground and run to the room to throw it in the trash can... although, your mommy and I are now starting to realize that a lot of things that have gone missing in the house are due to your OCD habit of throwing things away if they look out of place.

This month, your vocabulary has expanded exponentially, and it's so cute when  you say 'watermelon' and it sounds like 'wundameenoo'. You've also learned how to say 'elbow', 'dog', 'cow', 'book', 'and 'milk' just to name a few. I must apologize though because since you were just learning how to speak and would point at something, I would say to you "Do you want this?". I'm afraid it's come back to bite me because now when you point at things it's always accompanied with you saying "this". Now, I'm trying my best to retrain you to saying exactly what you want. No worries though, I'm sure we'll get there.

I have no pictures this month but I'll be sure to put some up in my next letter to you. I love you!


Monday, April 27, 2009

Miscellaneous Monday

It's Monday again?  Really?  Does it have to be?  Can we rewind to the weekend?

-What a gorgeous weekend it was!  80 degrees low humidity... oh yeah... that's what I'm talking about right there.  And it looks to be an awesome week too.  Can't really complain about that.

-I finally got my mexican food fix on Thursday... man, was that good.  If you're ever in the Suffern, NY area, you have to stop by Hacienda de Don Manuel.  We've been going there for years.  They started out as a small hole in the wall, where the kitchen was separated by the dining room via a cubicle divider with a hole in it for orders to come out.  After I saw that, I knew the food would be good!  Since then, they have grown into a larger space and are always busy.  It's nice to know that they still treat all their customers the same as they always have only now, I don't leave smelling like food. =)

-Swine Flu... yuk!  Scary stuff, yesterday in the news I read that there was  breakout in a private school in the city.  I'm sending Addi to daycare in a bubble for the next 2 weeks.  Anyone else worried?

-Ben and I went to Bear Mountain State Park this past saturday morning for an early engagement session.  Check it out here.  We had a blast!  Congrats to Ashley and Dave, you two are a gorgeous couple and we wish you the best.

Have a good week everyone!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Ashley and Dave: An engagement

Not too often do I run into military couples. But when I do it's always a blast! Ashley emailed me a couple of weeks ago wanting to book an engagement session. When I found out that she was a senior at West Point and her fiance was a recent graduate of the Naval Academy I jumped at the chance! =)

Turns out things would be a lot more "interesting" than I thought it would be. What with the "Go Army, Beat Navy!" mindset of Hudson Valley residents and my "Go Navy, Beat Army!" from my navy upbringing and career... I was absolutely tickled when Ashley told be she was a Red Sox fan and Dave was a Mets fan. LOL! Can you imagine the hilarity if he was a yankees fan.

So, a photographer, a West Point cadet and a Naval officer walk into a bar.... oh never mind... here are the awesome pics!

Yeah, Dave know's who's in command.  After all there can only be one CINCHOUSE (military speak for Commander in Chief of the House).

Talk about a power couple... two academy rings! TWO!

My favorite shot.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Patti and Tom: A Connecticut Wedding

Patti and Tom were wed this past weekend in Ridgefield, CT. It was a very intimate wedding with just friends and family. The reception was held at Founders Hall, which is the senior center for the town. I must say... the senior citizens in Ridgefield have one heck of a place to hang out! =)

Patti, thank you for allowing me to be in attendance on you wedding day. I wish you and Tom all the best!


Laura and Matt's wedding album

Monday, April 20, 2009

Miscellaneous Monday

Here we go again!

-Spring is here! Finally! These past few days have been absolutely gorgeous. I'm talking Socal weather up here in good old New York. I even shot a wedding yesterday without having to bring my jacket. Awesome... =) Now I just need to find some allergy medication.

-I love it when friends come to visit. My good friend Jenn came to New York this past week with her husband, Ryan and daughter, Kaila. I went to the city on Thursday last week to hang out and catch up. You can see the pictures here.

-I shot a small intimate wedding this weekend. I was a bit nervous going into it as I didn't know what to expect. I'm used to large weddings and full day coverage. Not to mention, I was flying totally solo that day. I must say, having an assistant and second shooter definitely makes things sooooo much easier. Try holding your flash on a monopod in one hand and your camera with battery grip and 24-70 lens on the other. Stay tuned for some pics! =)

-Go Padres! My San Diego Padres are 9-4 so far. Looks like it's gonna be a great season. =) I wish we can come down to SD and see a game at Petco park this year. *fingers crossed* Time to by Addi a SD Padres cheerleader outfit. I can even get my own carne asada burrito. Oh yeah, now we're talkin!

Have a wonderful week everyone!


Friday, April 17, 2009

Jenn, Ryan and little Kaila

On Thursday, I went down to the city to see an old friend who was visiting with family. We went for a walk and had an impromptu photo session with their little girl Kaila. I have to say, she's a cutie!

The next day, Audrey and I brought Addi down to meet Kaila. We had dinner in chinatown then went for a little walk. These two hit it off like they've been friends for years.

Just before I snapped this, I told Jenn and Ryan "Hey! This is what you guys would like as a family of 4!" ... and this was the reaction. =)

Jenn's family

BFF's for life.

Four stylish ladies on the streets of NYC.

I always have my tripod in the back of our SUV for this very reason... I like to be in pictures too!

Jenn and Ryan, thank you for coming out from the left coast to visit us. You guys have a beautiful family... we really need to go on the Disney cruise we talked about!

-Jaymie, Audrey and Addison

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