Thursday, April 30, 2009

Addison at 17 months

Dearest Addison,
Last monday marked your 17th month with us.  More and more your mommy and I are seeing how your personality is growing into a reflection of the best in both of us.  You've got your daddy's sense of humor and your mommy's meticulous attention to detail.  I think you might just grow up to become the worlds first stand-up comedienne with a PhD.  I find the simplest delight in your laughter and the just as delicious *evil eye* you give me when I do something you didn't find funny (you got that from your mom).  It's so amusing when I see you pick something off the ground and run to the room to throw it in the trash can... although, your mommy and I are now starting to realize that a lot of things that have gone missing in the house are due to your OCD habit of throwing things away if they look out of place.

This month, your vocabulary has expanded exponentially, and it's so cute when  you say 'watermelon' and it sounds like 'wundameenoo'. You've also learned how to say 'elbow', 'dog', 'cow', 'book', 'and 'milk' just to name a few. I must apologize though because since you were just learning how to speak and would point at something, I would say to you "Do you want this?". I'm afraid it's come back to bite me because now when you point at things it's always accompanied with you saying "this". Now, I'm trying my best to retrain you to saying exactly what you want. No worries though, I'm sure we'll get there.

I have no pictures this month but I'll be sure to put some up in my next letter to you. I love you!


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