Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Addison is 11 months old.

Dearest Addison,

Yesterday was your 11th month of life with us.  We are so excited to see how much you've grown in this time.  It seems only yesterday you were still laying face down on the ground barely able to lift up your head.  Now, you're starting to walk.  You took your first real steps a couple of weeks ago.  We were sitting in the living room watching you play with your toys when you suddenly stood up and took two steps towards me and your mommy.  We were so overjoyed that you did it all by yourself.  Apparently, you were overjoyed as well, being that you started clapping your hands and laughing so hard you fell back on you bum. =)

This month starts the holiday season for us, and to kick it off we took you apple picking at Dr Davies Farm in Congers, NY. We had an interesting day to say the least. You were not in much of a good mood. Anyhow, here are some pictures.

A neat little tractor.

Here you are smiling at mommy with your first real pumkin!

In the orchard... apples apples everywhere....and only two teeth to eat them with.

This is the face you had on most of the day.  Unfortunately you were not in the best of moods that day.

But we did get you to laugh... once.

My little pumkin... 

Here you are at the dinner table making faces.  You really crack me up sometimes... =)

No seriously... 

This face is something you learned from your ninang (godmother) Riela... oh the things you learn sometimes.

Here's your ninang for comparison.

This is a picture you mommy took of you one day when you discovered the properties of a glass door.

My dear, I've learned some really neat things about you these past 11 months that makes me so proud to be your daddy. You are quite the comedian, I think you got that from me. If there is one thing in life that you should never forget, that is to never take yourself to seriously. Kick back, stop and smell the roses, and never forget to smile. You have a ways about you that brings a joy to others in ways that I have never seen or experienced. You are my little angel and I adore you more than anything in the world. As we prepare to celebrate your first year of life, I want you to know that we, your mommy and daddy, will always be here to support you and raise you to be a strong, independent, and compassionate person.

Love Mommy & Daddy


  1. oh my gosh she has gotten so big!!!! but still cute as ever! love the sticking the tongue out and that smile is to die for!! happy 11 months addison!!!
    love the reflection shot audrey!!

  2. She is a doll! You have a gorgeous family!

  3. OH MAN.
    i literally cried
    and cheesed so hard
    when i saw her
    'riela b face'

    i think i screamed
    a little and then i
    had to cover my mouth
    to not wake my parents.

    i miss my goddaughter. :(

  4. oh what a cutie and definetly a great collection of family pictures that you guys will be cherishing I am sure! :)

  5. That's an amazing thing you are doing, wow.

  6. she is SO cute! i love the shots in the highchair and of course that last one! super adorable!

  7. She is so cute! I love the one of her with the pumpkins.

  8. Your baby is soooo cute! I want one too! Happy Halloween from a fellow OSPer. :)



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