Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The wedding of Stephanie and Bill Part II

So as promised here are more of Stephanie and Bill's wedding. Stephanie and Bill were married this past Saturday at the Marist College Chapel. Although the skies were clear and the sun was shining, it was FREEZING outside! Regardless, Stephanie and Bill were such troopers we couldn't help but take advantage of that and do some awesome bridals outside of Mills Mansion in Staatsbrugh, NY. On with the pictures!

Our associate photographer, Izzac met Bill at his home in Kingston, NY. Being the awesome jock and all around cool guy that he is, he pulled out his Yeah-I'm-Hot pose for Izzac.

Stephanie had her hair and make up done at Rapunzel Hair Design in Hyde Park, NY.

Happy Bride!

"Yeah... I'm Hotter than Bill!"

Mom helping with the dress.

True to their spirit and defiant to wedding day tradition, Bill and Stephanie saw each other prior to the ceremony to do their bridals.... OK it was wasn't really defiance, it was more "I want to eat right after the ceremony!"

OK, it looks warm in this picture, but trust me... it was 28 degrees with a windchill in the teens.  If you look very closely, you can see that Stephanie's toes are turning blue from frost bite.  =)

This place is soooo awesome.

Awesome site, awesome couple, frozen bouquet... what more can a photographer ask for?

ummm... pay no attention to the no access sign.

We do!

Here's Mom and Dad saying goodbye to their beautiful daughter.

Father/Daughter dance... these really get me.  I'm a sucker for happy moments like these.

Finally married and standing out in the cold.

Here I am during the bridal shoot, I've got on at least 4 layers here. =)

Poor Izzac was even colder than I was.  Here he is during a lighting test, I've been in the Northeast now for almost 8 years, and Izzac just moved here from Texas not too long ago... so sorry dude.

Unfortunately, Audrey wasn't able to join us in our antics this day, so I brought along a very good friend of mine.  He may become a permanent fixture on our team very soon... meet Ben!

To Stephanie and Bill,

You two are such an amazing couple. Being able to meet you and your family was truly an honor. Not to mention, you guys rock for letting us have some of those awesome Red velvet cupcakes... OMGSOOOOOGOOD! Enjoy your honeymoon!

-Jaymie, Izzac, Ben, and Audrey

You can view their slideshow here


  1. j all your wide shots are off the hook! the frozen bouquet shot is awesome! umm...yah not envying those layers yikes! you rocked this one my friend!!

    have an awesome thanksgiving guys!

  2. great job, man. keep up the great work.


  3. Awesome wedding! Stephanie and Bill totally rocked it!


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