Monday, November 2, 2009

Addison, Halloween, and our new home

Dear Addi

This past week has been a bunch of firsts for you. From moving into your new house with your own bedroom to your first halloween that you were able to go trick or treating like the big kids do to eating your first bowl of cereal all by yourself. =)

We finally moved into our new house last Thursday, you were so thrilled about having your own room that you spent nearly the entire day there while we moved all the furniture in. It's so thrilling to Mommy and I to see how proud you are that you now have a room to call your own. You even brought every visitor we had upstairs to show them what a neat little space you have.

We celebrated halloween with your Uncle Ben, Lala and Ang Kong (Grandpa). We took you trick or treating for the very first time. You did so well up until that big dog scared the living daylights out of you. It was so fun to watch you take inventory of all your candy after we got back.

Here are your latest milestone achievements:
You can count to 20 in english, 10 in spanish, 5 in japanese and chinese. Ilocano and tagalog needs some work but with what you know already I don't think it matters at the moment.

You know how to say please, thank you and your welcome. It's really cute when you really really want something that you reply with "thank you, your welcome!" from all your excitement.

We love you Addison!

-Daddy and Mommy

Here are some photos of you from the past month:

Our new home!

The day after we closed we spent the day cleaning, you amused yourself by playing with sponges.

We took you to a pumkin patch to take pictures of your halloween costume.

As always, you totally hammed it up.

The Friday before Halloween we went to your daycare for a Halloween parade.

After the parade, you and mommy decorated your very first pumkin.


Halloween day was quite warm and you begged an pleaded with us to go outside to ride your bike.

Updating mommy's facebook status before going out trick or treating.

House number 1.

Our new neighbors

The two ladybugs.

Candy inventory

mmmm milk duds.

oooooo sugar rush!

1 comment:

  1. congrats! your new place looks amazing! and addi... lock her up now! lol


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