Monday, January 18, 2010

Miscellaneous Monday

"It's just another manic monday..."

Chargers, my San Diego Chargers... you guys broke my heart yesterday. I forgive you though, as I always do. *sniff*
You guys had a rip roaring season and for that I tip my hat. However, I must ask you... Have you any idea what it's like being a Chargers fan in Jets country? Or even worse, a Padres fan in Yankees country? It's not fun... not fun at all. Regardless, I'm a true fan of my San Diego Chargers, always have been, always will be... I'm go gonna go sulk now and eat that entire pack of Kings Hawaiian Sweet Bread that I found at our local grocery store...

Wait. Hawaiian Bread in CT??? Oh yes, my friends. In strolling through the hot food isle at our local Shaws I stumbled onto a familiar brown and orange bag hiding underneath the register. Upon closer inspection I quickly discovered that it was food that I grew up with as a child in Hawaii. Hawaiian Sweet Bread. I immediately picked up a few 4 packs for 99 cents a piece -they obviously have no idea how good these things are. I'll be adding this to my weekly grocery list from now on. Maybe I can serve it to our clients when the come to visit us in our new home studio?

Our own home studio. Finally. OK, maybe not "finally" just yet. It's still a work in progress, but I've been longing for a place to meet clients since we first conceived the idea of J. Castro Photography. Our formal living room is in the process of being furnished and decorated by me and Audrey. As it sits right now, all that's in the room is a really cool shag rug and accent chair from crate and barrel, and a round glass coffee table from Lillian August. We're still waiting on the custom sofa and remaining accent chair to arrive. Once the room is furnished we'll begin selecting photos for a cluster of canvases to hang on the wall. It's going to be sweet! I'll post some pictures up soon. We're super excited about the whole thing, but to be honest, this is just the beginning of some big sweeping changes happening with us.

This week marks the beginning of our rebranding project. We will be revamping our website, blog, marketing materials, business cards, mailers, EVERYTHING! It's gonna be a blast, I'm like a kid on christmas eve, so excited about what's to come. We've also moved all our administrative functions online. Our clients can now view, sign and print their contracts online, view payments, see the progress of various milestones in their photo processing (album designs, product delivery).

Have a great week everyone!



  1. we feel your pain brother, we feel your pain. we were at that game and our section was what seemed like the only jets section, and boy they were ...well lets just say not cool. this was our year. i cringe to see what next season brings us :/ stay strong out there my friend!

  2. you lucked out! you can't get anything here (hawaii) for under $4!


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