Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Addison at 15 months

Dearest Addison,

I have not written you a letter since early January of this year. Things have been quite hectic since we got back from Hawaii. It's amazing though to look back at these 2 months and reflect on how much you've grown. I cannot stop the amazement I feel whenever I sit down to write one of these letters to you. In 8 weeks time you've gone from walking with a funny wobble to nearly a full on run. This scares us quite a bit as you still have to work on the stopping part. =) You've become a daredevil of sorts running around the house and colliding head-on onto my leg then laughing as you fall on your bum. You've even started climbing off of and onto the couch. You can now recognize your grandparents as you mumble their names when you see their picture or hear their voice. You even make your Papa well up in tears when you call out to him over the phone. You've even established dominance over JoJo and have learned to tell him "no!". I can't help but laugh when I watch the two of you interacting with one another. JoJo is no longer a puppy and show's much patience with you as you yank at his ears and pull his little tail. Here are a few images of the past couple of months.

Here is an image of you in a sweater that a friend of you Mommy made for you.

Here you are with Mommy and Unkie Dewey

Unkie Dewey, JoJo and you.

Back in January we went to get your ears pierced at the doctors office. You were so brave... until after the first piercing.  I think they look great on you!

Here you are on inauguration day. Your Mommy and I had to work that day but didn't want to miss such an historic occasion. Thank God for DVR!

You and JoJo chillin out watchin TV.

Beggin for a treat!

Here you are on your first real snow day! Your mommy wanted me to capture images of you romping in the snow... too bad it was one of those slushy, wet snow days.

You've grown so much these past 2 months I assigned you do some work in our home office. Did you send out those client responses yet???

On the first warm day (58 degrees) of this unnaturally cold winter, we decided to take you to the park for your first walk with JoJo. Although JoJo had other ideas as to who was walking who, you came through and managed to show our little guy who was boss.


A couple of weeks ago we were invited by your mommy's coworkers to a tennis party. Although I have no athletic skills whatsoever, we decided it would be good fun to hang out watch the antics. Here is Nirav posing for a serve. Yeah this was totally posed!

And Steven going in for the kill...

After watching the fun on the courts I came into the lounge where you, mommy and her friends were hanging out. You were wandering around the table trying to take your hat off. You seemed uncomfortable wearing it. I was on the ground laughing when I saw you open the cabinet door and take a coffee filter out...

To use as a hat! Very nice!

That's about it Addi! I promise I won't skip months anymore, there are just too many things to cover with any cohesiveness when I skip a month. We love you!

Mommy and Daddy

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