Monday, March 30, 2009

Miscellaneous Monday

I've never been the greatest at blogging lately so I'm forcing myself to write about something at least once a week. I got the idea for Miscellaneous Monday from a great wedding photographer who I truly admire and hope to meet someday. You can check him out [here]

Let's begin! Welcome to our first Miscellaneous Monday!

-I've never been into Basketball so this whole March Madness thing just completely mystifies me. I'd rather play basketball than watch it, although I must say, I really stink. Matter of fact, other than the occasional Padres baseball game, I'm really not into watching any kind of sports.

-Season's... what's the big deal anyway? I'll take 365 days of summer over this. Oh well, at least it's spring.

-I'm meeting with a prospective bride today at Starbuck's. Now I like Starbucks, but why should I have to pay for Wi-fi there when it's free at Panera?

-I almost bought a new MacBook Pro last week at the Apple Store... As my old MacBook Pro is still a great machine, but is becoming too slow for my needs. Unfortunately, I ended up with a new battery and AC adapter for my old one. Disappointed is an understatement. On the bright side, I'll be buying an Apple Cinema Display to bring along with me to weddings for the reception slideshows! Woot!

-Last week, Addi started at a new daycare which has a web cam placed in the room so parents can watch their kids from work. ... That said, I didn't get much done at work. LOL!

-My good friend Ryan introduced me to his friends website recently and I thought the idea of it was really cool. His friends name is Megan Brooks. A fellow photographer, Megan shoots what some call Gore-tography. It's not for everyone, but she does some really neat work. Check out her website at Aesthetic Perfection. Like I said, it's not for everyone, so don't come crying to me about being offended after you click on the linky link, you've been warned. =)

That's it for this weeks episode of Miscellaneous Monday. Stay tuned next week for more miscellaneous meanderings from the mind of J. Castro! Cheers everyone!


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  1. we love megan's work!!!! joey l is the bomb too! check him out if you haven't already!


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