Monday, June 22, 2009

Addison at 18 months

No misc. monday today... instead a letter to Addison!

My dearest little Addi,

I can't believe how big you've gotten in just the past couple of months. Here you are, 18 months old, going on 19 in a couple of days... it just amazes me.

We visited our friends Shivanee and Nirav at the hospital on Friday to see their newborn baby boy. He was only a couple ounces heavier than you were when you were born. But, seeing him next to you really put things into perspective. It really is a miracle to me how a little helpless baby can develop into such a personality in just a few months.

You've really become a little jabber jaw and always have your piece to say in all our family conversations. My heart beams with joy when you come up to me and ask me such simple things like "What's that?" or "Where's Mommy?" or my favorite, "Milk Please?".

I returned home this past saturday night from a 16 hour workday shooting a wonderful wedding. I was exhausted after the drive home and knew I still had another 3 hours of work ahead of me before I could come to bed. When I walked in the door, I saw a piece of paper that mommy helped you draw. It had your hand prints and a little note that said "Happy Fathers day Daddy!" I didn't notice the part about the note that night, but the next morning when mommy gave it to you to show me... my heart just melted. You are such a sweet spirited little girl.

You aren't all fun games though. As you grow you are starting to become more self aware er... moody. I understand your frustration, when you have so much to say but don't know how to express it. I do get frustrated at times when we don't understand each other and you start throwing a tantrum and I start to get upset with you and put you in time out. Honestly, though, at those moments, I think I need a time out as well. You go to your corner and I go to mine... =) I'm no perfect father. I am learning as I go. But I am thankful that you are the one that was chosen for me and your mommy to grow with.

Thank you for being such a wonder daughter. Try not to grow up too fast ok?


Here are some pictures from the last couple months.

This was one of your "moody" days.

Same day...

Cupcakes makes my cupcake happy... =)

But she's not the only one it seems...

The happy dance.

Here's my cupcake playing model as I test out our new backdrop and light kit for our photobooth!

JoJo wanted to play too.

Addi: "Dude! You're in my shot!"
JoJo: "No way man... I was here first."

JoJo and Addi take photography very seriously!

Ok not really...

I love the expression on her face in this shot.

This is how Addi is most of the time.... she can't help but laugh at herself. She is definitely my girl!


  1. 'no way i got here first' hahahaha.

    i LOOOOOOOOVE it. <3


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