Monday, June 1, 2009

Miscellaneous Monday

Good morning and welcome to another edition of miscellaneous monday.

-This weekend Audrey and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary. Since we already "celebrated" in Las Vegas, it was a quiet celebration actually. Audrey had a job interview on Friday so I had planned to take her out for dinner and a movie. When she got home, we decided, to make it a family outing and take my parents who are visiting from Hawaii. After dinner we were to tired to do anything else really so we just called it a night. Boy! Do I feel old.

-Addison turned 18 months on Wednesday last week... which reminds me, I have to write her a letter.

-So the news broke over the weekend that GM is filing for bankruptcy... REALLY?
Reports are saying that GM will need another 30B in taxpayer dollars. REALLY? I think most americans saw that writing on the wall 6 months ago... all I have to say is... if your not mad, you're not paying attention. Maybe next year, I won't book any weddings and ask the Government for a bailout. WHAT A JOKE!

-On a more positive note, we have a busy weekend ahead of us. I have an engagement session with a really cool couple on Saturday morning... 2 motorcycles+morning light+fun/awesome couple=yum!

That's about it... Today's quote comes from Captain John Paul Jones, USN. During the famous battle between the Bonhomme Richard and the Serapis on September 23, 1779, when The captain of the Serapis saw the men of the Bonhomme Richard crying for surrender, Captain Jones uttered the famous words:

"I have not yet begun to fight!"

So get out there and fight the good fight! Have an awesome week everyone. =)


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  2. I love the name Addison! And happy anniversary (again) ;)
    Nate just bought a motorcycle and he has been DYING to ride it but it's been raining almost non-stop since he bought it two weeks ago. LOL. So he is jealous of your morning light. :)


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